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4Jun 2016

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Concept

Cloud Computing Concept

Cloud Computing Concept

Cloud computing is a topic that many find confusing. It isn’t, though, as confusing as it sounds. In fact, most of those who claim not to understand the subject are part of the majority that uses it daily.

In basic terms, cloud computing is the phrase used to describe different scenarios in which computing resource is delivered as a service over a network connection (usually, this is the internet). Cloud computing is therefore a type of computing that relies on sharing a pool of physical and/or virtual resources, rather than deploying local or personal hardware and software. It is somewhat synonymous with the term ‘utility computing’ as users are able to tap into a supply of computing resource rather than manage the equipment needed to generate it themselves; much in the same way as a consumer tapping into the national electricity supply, instead of running their own generator.

Cloud computing is a technology of the 21st century and therefore it is necessary to know its features.

It is a simple technology that has been around for a while, and almost all of us have used it, without even knowing.

In simple terms, cloud computing entails running computer/network applications that are on other people’s servers using a simple user interface or application format.

Cloud computing is only a different way to deliver computer resources, rather than a new technology; it has sparked a revolution in the way organizations provide information and service.

Cloud computing is a comprehensive solution that delivers IT as a service. It is an Internet-based computing solution where shared resources are provided like electricity distributed on the electrical grid.

Computers in the cloud are configured to work together and the various applications use the collective computing power as if they are running on a single system.

The flexibility of cloud computing is a function of the allocation of resources on demand. This facilitates the use of the system’s cumulative resources, negating the need to assign specific hardware to a task.

Before this revolution, websites and server-based applications were executed on a specific system. With the advent of it, resources are used as an aggregated virtual computer.

This amalgamated configuration provides an environment where applications execute independently without regard for any particular configuration.

It has really changed the way companies looking into their digital Infrastructure now a days.

With its unique paradigms brings in new opportunities and challenges for developers and administrators worldwide.

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